Where To Get Mescaline

If you’re looking to find this ancient psychedelic there are really only 3 options available to you. The first is to try and find a source for pure mescaline sold illegally. Mescaline dealers are few and far between, so unless you are very well connected or very lucky you may never come across it being sold ‘on the street’. Even if you do then you can never be totally sure of the purity or if it is actually mescaline at all.

Your second option is to go out and find yourself a mescaline containing cactus growing wild. Unless you live in select regions of the Andes mountain range or in the Chihuahuan desert then this method too is probably not practical.

The final method and by far the easiest is simply to buy a mescaline cactus (which is totally legal) and then prepare it for consumption yourself (the illegal part). Take a look at our guide for some of our favorite preparation methods. Take care and have a pleasant trip!

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