Buy Peyote Cactus

It is legal to cultivate and buy peyote cactus in many places around the world. Here is a short list of countries where the legal status is known to us. This is not a definitive list, use it only as a guide and please double check your own state or country laws before attempting to buy peyote cactus!

  • Australia – Whilst it is not illegal at a federal level it is illegal to possess in the Australian Capital Territory (and possibly others, please check)
  • Brazil – Illegal
  • Canada – Legal. Illegal if prepared for consumption
  • France – Illegal
  • Germany – Legal
  • Japan – Legal (Unconfirmed although it is available to buy in many headshops)
  • The Netherlands – Fresh peyote is legal, dried peyote is illegal
  • Poland – Illegal (unconfirmed)
  • Russia – Illegal
  • Spain – Legal
  • Switzerland – Illegal
  • UK – Legal
  • USA – Illegal unless you are a member of a Native American Church

The best place to Buy Peyote cactus that we have come across is Everyonedoesit. They do a 4 year old and a 6 year old cactus. When buying peyote remember they are very slow growing and you will need around 100 – 300 grams of fresh peyote for a trip. So you will need to either buy a few smaller ones in order to have enough for a trip, or buy a couple and let them grow for a few more years. For the negligable extra cost it makes sense to buy the 6 Year Old Peyote instead of the 4 year old one and save yourself some time and money. They are beautiful looking plants and very easy to look after.

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