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Buy Mescaline.com was set up to provide honest and unbiased information about the effects of mescaline and how to prepare, grow and buy mescaline cacti.

It is our belief that psychedelic drugs and mescaline in particular have the potential for immense insight into human consciousness and can provide powerful and positive experiences for many people, as well as being effective cures for serious drug addictions and helping people to overcome and resolve other problems in life.

We are not advocating that everyone should use mescaline. We simply believe that as free adults we should have the right to choose what drugs we use. Why is it that some of the most dangerous drugs in the world are legal, whilst others that are proven to be nowhere near as harmful – or even harmless with infrequent use remain illegal? Tobacco kills millions of people each year across the globe, yet mescaline (which has no recorded fatalities and is actually one of the safest drugs known to man) is highly illegal.

The war on drugs is one of the most ridiculous concepts ever conceived by man. Prohibition clearly does not work. Mankind always has and probably always will use drugs. We hope that one day all drugs are legal and regulated, and accurate information is provided so that people can use and enjoy them without worrying about issues such as purity.

Until this becomes a reality our aim is to give people the tools and knowledge to experience mescaline for themselves, and support drug legalization efforts.

Peace and love.

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